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CD Library Search results for: Scandalous Libby Holman: Something To Remember Her By

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (25)
Track: Who's That Knocking At My Door?
Composer(s): Simons/Kahn

Track: There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth The Salt Of My Tears
Composer(s): Fisher

Track: Way He Loves... Is Just Too Bad
Composer(s): Rose/Robbins/Curtis

Track: Am I Blue?
Composer(s): Akst/Clarke

Track: Moanin' Low
Composer(s): Rainger/Dietz

Track: Can't We Be Friends?
Composer(s): Swift/James

Track: I'm Doin' What I'm Doin' For Love
Composer(s): Ager/Yellen

Track: I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful)
Composer(s): Sullivan/Ruskin

Track: Here Am I
Composer(s): Kern/Hammerstein

Track: Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love
Composer(s): Tobias/Rose

Track: When A Woman Loves A Man
Composer(s): Rainger/Rose

Track: A Ship Without A Sail
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: What Is This Think Called Love?
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: Body And Soul
Composer(s): Green/Heyman/Sour/Eyton

Track: Something To Remember You By
Composer(s): Schwartz/Dietz

Track: I'm One Of God's Children (Who Hasn't Got Wings)
Composer(s): Ruskin/Hammerstein

Track: Love For Sale
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: You And The Night And The Music
Composer(s): Schwartz/Dietz

Track: When You Love Only One
Composer(s): Schwartz/Dietz

Track: Baby, Baby
Composer(s): Rainey

Track: Hansom' Winsome Johnny-On Top Of Old Smoky
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: House Of The Risin' Sun
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: When The Sun Goes Down
Composer(s): Carr

Track: Good Morning Blues
Composer(s): Basie/Durham/Rushing

Track: Fare Well Honey-Fare Thee Well
Composer(s): Alston

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