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Genre: Oldies
Tracks (48)
Track: More
Composer(s): Silver/Mitchell/Pollack

Track: Never Again
Composer(s): Kahn/Jones

Track: Unfortunate Blues
Composer(s): Winston/Hamm

Track: Georgia Blues
Composer(s): Higgins/Oerstreet

Track: Lost My Baby Blues
Composer(s): Hibbeler

Track: She Loves Me
Composer(s): Brown/Egan

Track: Any Way The Wind Blows
Composer(s): Creamer/Hanley

Track: Copenhagen
Composer(s): Davis

Track: Those Panama Mamas (Are Runing Me)
Composer(s): Johnson/Bibo

Track: Heart-Broken Strain
Composer(s): Unlisted

Track: Prince of Wails
Composer(s): Schoebel

Track: Tokio Blues
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Why Should I Believe In You?
Composer(s): Therrin/Verges/Sedre

Track: Sob Sister Sadie
Composer(s): Bigelow

Track: Cheatin On Me
Composer(s): Yellen/Pollack

Track: Birmingham Bound
Composer(s): Spier/Shloss

Track: Collegiate
Composer(s): Bonx/Jaffe/Brown

Track: Rose Of The Nile
Composer(s): Unlisted

Track: Rose Tree Strut
Composer(s): Guy, Mickey

Track: So That's The Kind Of Girl You Are
Composer(s): Burke

Track: Stomp Off, Let's Go
Composer(s): Schoebel

Track: What-cha-call-em Blues
Composer(s): Roberts

Track: T-N-T
Composer(s): Schoebel

Track: I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)
Composer(s): Green/Warren

Track: Hot Coffee
Composer(s): Krueger

Track: My Bundle Of Love
Composer(s): Price/Silver

Track: Rhythm Rag
Composer(s): Robison

Track: Rythm of the day
Composer(s): Murphy/Lindley

Track: Deep Henderson
Composer(s): Rose

Track: Who'd Be Blue?
Composer(s): Woods

Track: I gotta get myself somebody to love
Composer(s): Lewis/Young/Handman

Track: You don't like it, not much
Composer(s): Miller/Kahn/Cohn

Track: Vo-do-do-de-o Blues
Composer(s): Yellen/Ager

Track: Magnolia
Composer(s): De Sylva/Brown/Henderson

Track: Black Maria
Composer(s): Rose

Track: Cornfed
Composer(s): Wall

Track: Buffalo Rhythm
Composer(s): Beatty/Smolev/Arluck

Track: Zulu Wail
Composer(s): Skinner/Bibo

Track: If I Can't Have You (I Want to be Lonesome)
Composer(s): Unlisted

Track: Feelin' Good
Composer(s): Yellen/Murphy

Track: Where the shy little violets grow
Composer(s): Kahn/Warren

Track: Wedding Bells (Are breaking up that old gang of mine)
Composer(s): Unlisted

Track: Down among the sugar cane
Composer(s): Tobias/Clare/De Rose

Track: Collegiate Love
Composer(s): Heath/Doyle

Track: Accordion Joe
Composer(s): Wimbrow/Smelser

Track: Free and Easy
Composer(s): Turk/Ahlert

Track: Rollin' Down the River
Composer(s): Adams/Waller

Track: One Man Band
Composer(s): Weems/Baxter

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