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CD Library Search results for: Peter, Paul & Mommy Too

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (13)
Track: Puff (The Magic Dragon)
Composer(s): Yarrow/Lipton

Track: Fox
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Hey, Motswala
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Inside
Composer(s): Hill/Stookey

Track: Garden Song
Composer(s): Mallett, David

Track: Eddystone Light
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
Composer(s): Bonne/Mills

Track: Somos El Barco
Composer(s): Wyatt, Lorre

Track: Pastures of Plenty
Composer(s): Guthrie, Woody

Track: Home on the Range/Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom
Composer(s): Traditional/Yarrow

Track: Right Field
Composer(s): Welch, Willy

Track: Poem for Erika/For Baby
Composer(s): Travers/Denver

Track: We Shall Overcome
Composer(s): Seeger/Horton/Carawan/Hamilton

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