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Genre: Oldies
Tracks (16)
Track: Woodchopper's Ball
Composer(s): Bishop/Herman

Track: Apple Honey
Composer(s): Herman, Woody

Track: Goosey Gander
Composer(s): Herman, Woody

Track: Northwest Passage
Composer(s): Herman/Jackson/Burns

Track: Good Earth
Composer(s): Hefti, Neal

Track: Jug of Wine
Composer(s): Lerner/Loewe

Track: Your Father's Moustache
Composer(s): Harris/Herman

Track: Bijou
Composer(s): Burns, Ralph

Track: Wildroot
Composer(s): Herman/Hefti

Track: Panacea
Composer(s): Burns/Feather

Track: Back Talk
Composer(s): Rogers, Shorty

Track: Non-Alcoholic
Composer(s): LaPorta, John

Track: Blues Are Brewin'
Composer(s): DeLange/Alen

Track: Goof and I
Composer(s): Cohn, Al

Track: Four Brothers
Composer(s): Giuffre, Jimmy

Track: Blue Flame
Composer(s): Noble, James

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