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Genre: Jazz
Tracks (33)
Track: Spanish Shawl
Composer(s): Schoebel

Track: Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie
Composer(s): Meyer/Rose/MacDonald

Track: Florida Stomp
Composer(s): Hawkins, Coleman

Track: Get It Fixed
Composer(s): Williams

Track: Chinese Blues
Composer(s): Waller/Mills

Track: Panama
Composer(s): Tyers

Track: I Found a New Baby
Composer(s): Williams/Palmer

Track: Nervous Charlie Stomp
Composer(s): Nichola/Crozier

Track: Black Horse Stomp
Composer(s): Tarto, Joe

Track: Tampeekoe
Composer(s): Schoebel/Panico

Track: Hi-Diddle-Diddle
Composer(s): Coon/Keidel

Track: Hard-To-Get Gertie
Composer(s): Ager/Yellen

Track: Dynamite
Composer(s): Palmer/Henderson

Track: Jackass Blues
Composer(s): Stitzel/Kazzel

Track: Static Strut
Composer(s): Wall/Yellen

Track: Off to Buffalo
Composer(s): Candullo/Carroll

Track: Brotherly Love
Composer(s): Meyers/Schoebel

Track: Alabama Stomp
Composer(s): Johnson/Creamer

Track: Have It Ready
Composer(s): Henderson, Fletcher

Track: Ain't She Sweet
Composer(s): Ager/Yellen

Track: Snag It
Composer(s): Oliver, Joe

Track: Wabash Blues
Composer(s): Meinken/Ringle

Track: Wang Wang Blues
Composer(s): Mueller/Johnson/Busse/Wood

Track: St. Louis Shuffle
Composer(s): Waller/Pettis

Track: Cornfed
Composer(s): Effros/Wall

Track: Variety Stomp
Composer(s): Trent/Henderson/Green

Track: St. Louis Blues
Composer(s): Handy, W. C.

Track: Black Maria
Composer(s): Rose, Michael

Track: Goose Pimples
Composer(s): Trent/Henderson

Track: Baltimore
Composer(s): Kahal/Healy/McHugh

Track: Oh Baby
Composer(s): Murphy

Track: Feelin' Good
Composer(s): Murphy/Yellen

Track: I'm Feelin' Devilish (Oh by Golly Oh)
Composer(s): Pinark

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