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Genre: Oldies
Tracks (10)
Track: You Started Something
Composer(s): Rinker/Huddleston

Track: It's Like Taking Candy from a Baby
Composer(s): Russell/Cowan

Track: It's a Cruel, Cruel World
Composer(s): Davis/Silver

Track: My O'Darlin' My O'Lovely My O'Brien
Composer(s): Secon/Singer

Track: I'm Sorry I Didn't Say I'm Sorry (When I Made You Cry Last Night)
Composer(s): Roberts/Lee

Track: When You're in Love (La Golondrina)
Composer(s): O'Connor/Fields/John

Track: If I Had a Million Dollars
Composer(s): Herman/Kamano/Hartmann

Track: Grieving for You
Composer(s): Gibson/Ribaud/Gold

Track: At a Sidewalk Penny Arcade
Composer(s): Kalmanoff/Schroeder/White/MacDonald

Track: Sentimental Music
Composer(s): Wayne/Care

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