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Genre: Oldies
Tracks (23)
Track: Look for the Silver Lining
Composer(s): Kern/DaSylva

Track: Don't Ever Leave Me
Composer(s): Kern/Hammerstein

Track: All the Things You Are
Composer(s): Kern/Hammerstein

Track: Love Walked In
Composer(s): Gershwin/Gershwin

Track: Dearly Beloved
Composer(s): Kern/Mercer

Track: Begin the Beguine
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: In the Still of the Night
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: Come, Boys
Composer(s): Romberg/Donnelly

Track: Songs My Mother Taught Me
Composer(s): Dvorak/MacFarren

Track: Danny Boy
Composer(s): Traditional/Weatherly

Track: Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
Composer(s): Traditional/Burns

Track: Smilin' Through
Composer(s): Penn

Track: Mighty Lak a Rose
Composer(s): Nevin/Stanton

Track: All Thro' the Night
Composer(s): Traditional Welsh

Track: Cradle Song
Composer(s): Brahms/Chapman

Track: Moonbeams
Composer(s): Herbert/Blossom

Track: I Can't Do the Sum
Composer(s): Herbert/MacDonough

Track: Gypsy Love Song
Composer(s): Herbert/Smith

Track: Because You're You
Composer(s): Herbert/Blossom

Track: 'Neath the Southern Moon
Composer(s): Herbert/Young

Track: I'm Falling in Love with Someone
Composer(s): Herbert/Young

Track: I'm in the Mood for Love
Composer(s): McHugh/Fields

Track: You and the Night and the Music
Composer(s): Schwartz/Dietz

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