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CD Library Search results for: Across Your Dreams

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (13)
Track: Distance Between Us
Composer(s): Brubeck/Dias/Reid

Track: La Paloma Azul
Composer(s): Traditional/Crofut/Brubeck

Track: Strange Meadowlark
Composer(s): Brubeck/Brubeck

Track: Across Your Dreams
Composer(s): Brubeck/Jessup/Mongomery

Track: Summer Song
Composer(s): Brubeck/Brubeck

Track: Polly
Composer(s): Brubeck/Reid/Crofut

Track: Blue Rondo - A Tribute to Dave
Composer(s): Brubeck/Crofut

Track: Autumn In Our Town
Composer(s): Brubeck/Brubeck

Track: Thinking of You Thinking of Me
Composer(s): Brubeck/Stuart

Track: It's a Raggy Waltz
Composer(s): Brubeck/Brubeck

Track: Heart of Winter
Composer(s): Brubeck/Reid

Track: In the Grace of Your Room
Composer(s): Jones/Brubeck

Track: Lonely on Both Ends of the Road
Composer(s): Brubeck/Brubeck

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