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Genre: Broadway, Vocal
Tracks (24)
Track: Jazz Baby
Composer(s): Jerome/Merrill

Track: Thoroughly Modern Millie
Composer(s): Cahn/Van Heusen

Track: Join Us in a Cup of Tea
Composer(s): Gaynor

Track: Doin' the Old Yahoo Step
Composer(s): Gaynor

Track: Little Game of Tennis
Composer(s): Gaynor

Track: Teeny Little Weeny Nest for Two
Composer(s): Gaynor

Track: Ain't Misbehavin'
Composer(s): Razaf/Waller/Brooks

Track: You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry Night (Or You Can't See Mamma at All)
Composer(s): Rose/Conrad

Track: Ma (He's Making Eyes at Me)
Composer(s): Conrad/Clare

Track: You're the Cream in My Coffee
Composer(s): De Sylva/Brown/Henderson

Track: Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Composer(s): Williams/Warfield

Track: Good Man Is Hard to Find
Composer(s): Green, Eddie

Track: Button up Your Overcoat
Composer(s): De Sylva/Brown/Henderson

Track: Wouldn't You Like to Lay Your Head upon My Pillow
Composer(s): McKay

Track: Charley, My Boy
Composer(s): Kahn/Fiorito

Track: Aggravatin' Papa
Composer(s): Turk/Robinson/Britt

Track: I'm Confessin'
Composer(s): Dougherty/Reynolds/Neiburg

Track: Grizzley Bear
Composer(s): Berlin/Botsford

Track: Mean To Me
Composer(s): Turk/Ahlert

Track: That's my weakness now
Composer(s): Green/Stept

Track: Little girl from little rock
Composer(s): Styne/Robin

Track: Bye, bye baby
Composer(s): Styne/Robin

Track: Homesick Blues
Composer(s): Styne/Robin

Track: Diamonds are a Girl's best friend
Composer(s): Styne/Robin

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