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Genre: Jazz
Tracks (17)
Track: World Is Mad
Composer(s): Basie, Count

Track: Evenin'
Composer(s): Parish/White

Track: Moten Swing
Composer(s): Basie/Durham

Track: It's Torture
Composer(s): Washington/Basie

Track: I Want A Little Girl
Composer(s): Moll/Mencher

Track: All Or Nothing At All
Composer(s): Lawrence/Altman

Track: Moon Fell In The River
Composer(s): Parish/Rose

Track: What's Your Number
Composer(s): Clayton

Track: Draftin' Blues
Composer(s): Pinkard

Track: Five O'Clock
Composer(s): Gannon/Myrow/Irwin

Track: Love Jumped Out
Composer(s): Clayton

Track: My Wanderin' Man
Composer(s): Feather

Track: Broadway
Composer(s): Woode/McRae

Track: It's The Same Old South
Composer(s): Eliscu/Gorney

Track: Stampede In G Minor
Composer(s): Brewer

Track: Who Am I?
Composer(s): Styne/Bullock

Track: Rockin' The Blues
Composer(s): Warren

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