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Genre: Jazz
Tracks (18)
Track: Wiggle Woogie
Composer(s): Warren

Track: I'll Forget
Composer(s): McRae/Stewart

Track: It's Square But It Rocks
Composer(s): Sigman/Slack

Track: You Lied To Me
Composer(s): Miller

Track: Beau Brummel
Composer(s): Gibson/Gray

Track: Music Makers
Composer(s): James

Track: Jump The Blues Away
Composer(s): Lewis

Track: Deep In The Blues
Composer(s): Parish/Lytle

Track: Jitters
Composer(s): Smith

Track: Tuesday At Ten
Composer(s): Martin

Track: Undecided Blues
Composer(s): Rushing

Track: I Do Mean You
Composer(s): Canter/Fidler

Track: 9.20 Special
Composer(s): Warren

Track: H And J
Composer(s): Edison

Track: Feelin' The Bean
Composer(s): Basie, Count

Track: Going To Chicago Blues
Composer(s): Rastig/Basie

Track: You Betcha My Life
Composer(s): Dennis/Dennis

Track: Down, Down, Down
Composer(s): Redman

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