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CD Library Search results for: Virtuoso Piano Transcriptions

Genre: Classical
Tracks (10)
Track: Concert Arabesque on Themes of On the Beautiful Blue Danube
Composer(s): Strauss/Schulz-Evler

Track: Suite from Partita in E Major for Violin
Composer(s): Bach/Rachmaninoff

Track: Organ Chorale Preludes
Composer(s): Bach/Busoni

Track: Klavierstuck (Piano Piece), Op. 11, No. 2
Composer(s): Schoenberg/Busoni

Track: Liebestod (Isolde's Death) from Tristan und Isolde
Composer(s): Wagner/Liszt

Track: Der Lindenbaum ( The Linden Tree)
Composer(s): Schubert/Liszt

Track: Brooklet (Wohin?)
Composer(s): Schubert/Rachmaninoff

Track: Horch, horch, die Lerche (Hark, Hark, the Lark)
Composer(s): Schubert/Liszt

Track: Fruhlingsnacht (Spring Night)
Composer(s): Schumann/Liszt

Track: Waltzes
Composer(s): Schubert/Prokofiev

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