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CD Library Search results for: I Had To Live and Learn

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (20)
Track: Gotta Pebble in My Shoe
Composer(s): Feldman

Track: I Can't Stop Loving You
Composer(s): Jones/Webb

Track: Strictly From Dixie
Composer(s): Cavanaugh/Webb/Pierce

Track: Woe is Me
Composer(s): Daniel/Lawrence

Track: I Let a Tear Fall in the River
Composer(s): David/Livingston/Webb

Track: F.D.R. Jones
Composer(s): Rome

Track: I Love Each Move You Make
Composer(s): Gumble/Webb

Track: It's Foxy
Composer(s): Bishop/Webb

Track: I Found My Yellow Basket
Composer(s): Fitzgerald/Webb

Track: Undecided
Composer(s): Shavers

Track: 'Tain't What You Do (It's the Way That Cha Do it)
Composer(s): Young/Oliver

Track: One Side of Me
Composer(s): Sunshine

Track: My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: Once is Enough for Me
Composer(s): Fitzgerald/Webb

Track: I Had to Live and Learn
Composer(s): Johnson/May/Webb

Track: Sugar Pie
Composer(s): Beal/Webb

Track: It's Slumbertime Along the Swanee
Composer(s): Tinturin/Sacco

Track: I'm Up a Tree
Composer(s): Stillman/Webb/Cooke

Track: Chew-Chew-Chew (Your Bubble Gum)
Composer(s): Webb/Ram/Fitzgerald

Track: Don't Worry About Me
Composer(s): Koechler/Bloom

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