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CD Library Search results for: Best of Dixieland

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (15)
Track: Back 'o Town Blues
Composer(s): Armstrong/Russell

Track: Basin Street Blues
Composer(s): Williams, Spencer

Track: Canal Street Blues
Composer(s): Oliver, King

Track: Flee as a Bird-Oh, Didn't He Ramble
Composer(s): Root/Dana/Cole/Johnson

Track: Dear Old Southland
Composer(s): Bloch, Raymond

Track: High Society
Composer(s): Piron/Williams

Track: Mahogany Hall Stomp
Composer(s): Williams, Spencer

Track: Muskrat Ramble
Composer(s): Ory, Kid

Track: Panama
Composer(s): Dolin/Lambert

Track: That's A-Plenty
Composer(s): Pollack, Lew

Track: Tin Roof Blues
Composer(s): Mares/Pollack/Stitzel

Track: Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Composer(s): Creamer/Layton

Track: Weary Blues
Composer(s): Matthews, Artie

Track: When It's Sleepy Time Down South
Composer(s): Rene/Muse

Track: When the Saints Go Marching In
Composer(s): Traditional

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