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CD Library Search results for: Cherokee

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (24)
Track: Cherokee
Composer(s): Noble/May

Track: Duke's Idea
Composer(s): Barnet, Charlie

Track: Count's Idea
Composer(s): Barnet, Charlie

Track: Right Idea
Composer(s): Martin/Barnet

Track: Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie
Composer(s): Rose/MacDonald/Meyer

Track: Comanche War Dance
Composer(s): Noble

Track: Southland Shuffle
Composer(s): MacRae/Grey

Track: Where Was I?
Composer(s): Harling/Dubin

Track: Wanderin' Blues
Composer(s): Barnet/Carroll

Track: Leapin' at the Lincoln
Composer(s): Barnet/May

Track: Rockin' in Rhythm
Composer(s): Ellington/Carney/Mills/Gibson

Track: Pompton Turnpike
Composer(s): Orborne/Rogers/May

Track: I Hear a Rhapsody
Composer(s): Fragos/Baker/Gasparre

Track: Redskin Rumba
Composer(s): Bennett/Barnet

Track: Phyllysee
Composer(s): Bennett/Barnet

Track: You're My Thrill
Composer(s): Gorney/Clare/Carroll

Track: Charleston Alley
Composer(s): Kirkland/Henderson

Track: Swingin' on Nothin'
Composer(s): Oliver/Moore

Track: Moose
Composer(s): Burns

Track: Flat-Top Flips His Lid
Composer(s): Pederson

Track: You Always Hurt the One You Love
Composer(s): Fisher/Roberts

Track: Blue Lou
Composer(s): Sampson/Mills/Gibson

Track: Juice Head Baby
Composer(s): Williams/Daylie/Gibson

Track: Skyliner
Composer(s): Barnet/May

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