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CD Library Search results for: Heavenly Eartha

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (14)
Track: I Want to Be Evil
Composer(s): Judson/Taylor

Track: Mountain High, Valley Low
Composer(s): Scott/Hanighen

Track: Just an Old-Fashioned Girl
Composer(s): Fisher, Marve

Track: Long Gone (From Bowlin' Green)
Composer(s): Handy/Smith

Track: Jonny
Composer(s): Hayman/Hollander

Track: Heel
Composer(s): Robison/Wilson/Ferre

Track: Dinner for One Please, James
Composer(s): Carr, Michael

Track: Beale Street Blues
Composer(s): Handy, W. C.

Track: Do You Remember?
Composer(s): Brown, Nacio

Track: Memphis Blues
Composer(s): Handy/Norton

Track: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Composer(s): Harbarch/Kern

Track: Danseur de Charleston
Composer(s): Moulin, J. P.

Track: Santa Baby
Composer(s): Spriner/Javits

Track: Day That the Circus Left Town
Composer(s): Leigh/Thomas

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