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CD Library Search results for: Band and I

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (12)
Track: I'd Know You Anywhere
Composer(s): Mercer/McHugh

Track: Detour Ahead
Composer(s): Frigo/Ellis/Carter

Track: Comes Love
Composer(s): Stept/Tobias/Brown

Track: Everybody Knew But Me
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Lazy Afternoon
Composer(s): LaTouche/Maross

Track: What's Right for You
Composer(s): Doris/Gluckman/Goodman

Track: I Let a Song Go out of My Heart
Composer(s): Mills/Nemo/Ellington

Track: Memphis in June
Composer(s): Carmichael/Webster

Track: This Little Love
Composer(s): Wolf/Landesman

Track: Night We Called It a Day
Composer(s): Dennis/Adair

Track: It Isn't So Good
Composer(s): Wolf/Landesman

Track: Something to Remember You By
Composer(s): Dietz/Schwartz

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