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CD Library Search results for: A Strict Education in Music

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (50)
Track: Thinking Of You (Theme)
Composer(s): Donaldson/Ash

Track: You Go To My Head
Composer(s): Coots/Gillespie

Track: Umbrella Man
Composer(s): Rose/Stock/Cavanaugh

Track: What Have You Got That Gets Me?
Composer(s): Rainger/Robin

Track: Two Sleepy People
Composer(s): Carmichael/Loesser

Track: Deep Purple
Composer(s): De Rose/Parish

Track: On The Road To Mandalay
Composer(s): Speaks/Kipling

Track: Three Little Fishies
Composer(s): Dowell

Track: Stairway To The Stars
Composer(s): Malneck/Signorelli/Parish

Track: Answer Is Love
Composer(s): Stept/Newman

Track: Indian Summer
Composer(s): Herbert/Dubin

Track: Friendship
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: Ferry Boat Seranade
Composer(s): Lazzaro/Adamson

Track: Like The Fella Once Said
Composer(s): McHugh/Mercer

Track: You've Got Me This Way
Composer(s): McHugh/Mercer

Track: Bad Humour Man
Composer(s): McHugh/Mercer

Track: Lights Out 'Til Reveille
Composer(s): Worth/Cowan

Track: Why don't we do this more often?
Composer(s): Wrubel/Newman

Track: Thank Your Lucky Stars & Stripes
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: How Long Did I Dream?
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: Que Chica
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: Humpty Dumpty Heart
Composer(s): Van Heusen/Burke

Track: Who Wouldn't Love you?
Composer(s): Fischer/Carey

Track: Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
Composer(s): Stept/Brown/Tobias

Track: Pushin' Sand
Composer(s): Simmons/Hillman

Track: Jingle, Jangle, Jingle
Composer(s): Lilley/Loesser

Track: Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
Composer(s): Loesser, Frank

Track: Strip Polka
Composer(s): Mercer

Track: A Rookie And His Rythm
Composer(s): Monaco/Dubin

Track: I Dug A Ditch
Composer(s): Lane/Brown/Freed

Track: Girl I left Behind Me
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Victory Polka
Composer(s): Styne/Cahn

Track: Always
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Shine On Harvest Moon
Composer(s): Bayes/Norworth

Track: Limehouse Blues
Composer(s): Furber/Braham

Track: There Goes That Song Again
Composer(s): Styne/Cahn

Track: Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive
Composer(s): Arlen/Mercer

Track: Bell Bottom Trousers
Composer(s): Jaffe

Track: Horses Don't Bet On People
Composer(s): Loeb

Track: That's For Me
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hammerstein

Track: Love On A Greyhound Bus
Composer(s): Stoll/Thompson/Blane

Track: Ole Buttermilk Sky
Composer(s): Carmichael/Brooks

Track: Huggin' and Chalkin'
Composer(s): Hayes/Goell

Track: Old Lamplighter
Composer(s): Simon/Tobias

Track: Managua, Nicaragua
Composer(s): Fields/Gamse

Track: As Long As I Live
Composer(s): Arlen/Koehler

Track: Boin-n-n-ng
Composer(s): Stept

Track: Katrina
Composer(s): De Paul/Raye

Track: On A Slow Boat To China
Composer(s): Loesser, Frank

Track: Woody Woodpecker
Composer(s): Tibbles/Idriss

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