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Genre: Broadway, Vocal
Tracks (22)
Track: It's A Grand Night For Singing/Good Morning
Composer(s): Arlen/Mercer/Brown/Freed

Track: It's A Lovely Day Today
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: I'm Shadowing You
Composer(s): Mercer/Dearie

Track: Crazy Rhythm
Composer(s): Meyer/Kahn/Caesar

Track: Primrose Color Blue
Composer(s): Dankworth/Laine

Track: We Are The Music Makers
Composer(s): Dankworth/O'Shaughnessy

Track: You Spotted Snakes
Composer(s): Dankworth/Shakespeare

Track: Methuselah
Composer(s): Dankworth/Anon

Track: When I Was One And Twenty
Composer(s): Dankworth/Houseman

Track: Sing Me No Song
Composer(s): Dankworth/French

Track: Triboro' Fair
Composer(s): Dankworth

Track: You've Got To Do What You've Got To Do
Composer(s): Dankworth

Track: He Was Beautiful
Composer(s): Meyers/Laine

Track: Turkish Delight
Composer(s): Dankworth

Track: Never Let Me Go
Composer(s): Livingston/Evans

Track: Lazy Bones/Nearness of you
Composer(s): Carmichael/Dankworth

Track: I Get Along Without You Very Well/My Resistance Is Low
Composer(s): Carmichael/Dankworth

Track: Stardust
Composer(s): Carmichael/Dankworth

Track: I Want To Be Happy
Composer(s): Youmans/Caesar

Track: Any Place I Hang my heart
Composer(s): Mercer/Arlen

Track: Georgia on my Mind
Composer(s): Carmichael/Dankworth

Track: Hoagy Carmichael Medley
Composer(s): Carmichael/Dankworth

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