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CD Library Search results for: Sing A Song of Basie

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (13)
Track: Everyday
Composer(s): Slim/Hendricks

Track: It's Sand, Man!
Composer(s): Lewis/Lambert/Hendricks

Track: Two for the Blues
Composer(s): Hefti/Hendricks

Track: One O'Clock Jump
Composer(s): Durham/Page/Smith/Hendricks

Track: Little Pony
Composer(s): Hefti/Lambert/Hendricks

Track: Down for Double
Composer(s): Green/Lambert/Hendricks

Track: Fiesta in Blue
Composer(s): Mundy/Goodman/Lambert/Hendricks

Track: Down for the Count
Composer(s): Foster/Hendricks

Track: Blues Backstage
Composer(s): Foster/Hendricks

Track: Avenue C
Composer(s): Clayton/Lambert/Hendricks

Track: Four Brothers
Composer(s): Giuffre/Hendricks

Track: Cloudburst
Composer(s): Hendricks, Jon

Track: Standin' on the Corner (Whistlin' at the Pretty Girls)
Composer(s): Hendricks, Jon

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