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CD Library Search results for: But One Day

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (13)
Track: September Song from Knickerbocker Holiday
Composer(s): Weill/Anderson

Track: I Surrender
Composer(s): Lemper, Ute

Track: Speak Low from One Touch of Venus
Composer(s): Weill/Nash

Track: Lena
Composer(s): Lemper, Ute

Track: Ne Me Quitte Pas
Composer(s): Brel, Jacques

Track: But One Day
Composer(s): Lemper, Ute

Track: Buenos Aires
Composer(s): Piazzolla/Ferrer/Lemper

Track: Living Without You
Composer(s): Heymann/Ziegler

Track: Oblivion
Composer(s): Piazzolla/Tarenzi/Lemper

Track: Little Face
Composer(s): Lemper, Ute

Track: Amsterdam
Composer(s): Brel/Schuman

Track: Ballad of Marie Sanders, The Jew's Whore
Composer(s): Eisler/Brecht/Bentley

Track: On Brecht - Epilogue
Composer(s): Lemper, ute

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