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CD Library Search results for: Blood & Feathers

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (15)
Track: Pirate Jenny
Composer(s): Weill/Brecht

Track: Milord
Composer(s): Monot/Moustaki

Track: Blood and Feathers
Composer(s): Lemper, Ute

Track: Ladies Who Lunch
Composer(s): Sondheim, Stephen

Track: Bilbao Song
Composer(s): Weill/Brecht

Track: Moon Dance
Composer(s): Morrison, Van

Track: Moon Over Bourbon Street
Composer(s): Sting

Track: Moon of Alabama
Composer(s): Weill/Brecht

Track: Moon at the Window
Composer(s): Mitchell, Joni

Track: It's Only a Paper Moon
Composer(s): Arlen/Harburg/Rose

Track: Grapefruit Moon
Composer(s): Waits, Tom

Track: Lili Marlene
Composer(s): Schultze/Leip/David

Track: Muenchhausen/Baron of the Lies
Composer(s): Hollaender, Friedrich

Track: Accordeoniste
Composer(s): Emer, Michel

Track: Cabaret Medley
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

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