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CD Library Search results for: Illusions

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (13)
Track: Want to buy some Illusions
Composer(s): Hollaender/Fontaine

Track: They call me naughty Lola
Composer(s): Hollaender/Leibmann/Fontaine

Track: Les Feuilles mortes
Composer(s): Kosma/Prevert/Fontaine

Track: Padam
Composer(s): Glanzberg/Contet/Fontaine

Track: Elle fréquentait la rue Pigalle
Composer(s): Maitrier/Asso/Fontaine

Track: Falling in love again
Composer(s): Hollaender/Connelly/Fontaine

Track: Black market
Composer(s): Hollaender/Fontaine

Track: T'es beau, tu sais
Composer(s): Contet/Moustaki/Fontaine

Track: Jonny, wenn du Geburtstag hast
Composer(s): Hollaender/Fontaine

Track: L'Accordéoniste
Composer(s): Emer/Fontaine

Track: 'Round midnight
Composer(s): Hanighen/Williams/Monk/Fontaine

Track: La Vie en rose
Composer(s): Louiguy/Piaf/Fontaine

Track: Non, je ne regrette rien
Composer(s): Dumont/Vaucaire/Fontaine

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