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CD Library Search results for: Are You For Real?

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (25)
Track: Are You for Real?
Composer(s): Pober/Dane

Track: I Love a Murder Mystery
Composer(s): Pober

Track: I'm a Little Busybody
Composer(s): Pober

Track: Sunday Driving
Composer(s): Pober

Track: Navy Gets the Gravy
Composer(s): David/Livingston

Track: Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Polka
Composer(s): Pober

Track: I Like It I Like It
Composer(s): David/Livingston

Track: I'll Tell a Policeman on You
Composer(s): David/Livingston

Track: I Love Girls
Composer(s): Dodd

Track: Lay Something on the Bar
Composer(s): Austin/Smith

Track: North Dakota South Dakota
Composer(s): Borne/Shapiro

Track: Book Was So Much Better Than the Picture
Composer(s): Leven

Track: Noisy Eater
Composer(s): Copp

Track: I Can't Carry a Tune
Composer(s): Quenzer/Marks

Track: Crazy Words Crazy Tune
Composer(s): Ager/Yellen

Track: I Keep Her Picture Hanging Upside Down
Composer(s): Hatch/Quenzer

Track: They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me
Composer(s): Fisher/McCarthy

Track: Nagger
Composer(s): Livingston/Foster

Track: Strictly for the Birds
Composer(s): Simmons/Lear/Brown

Track: I've Had a Very Merry Christmas
Composer(s): Borne/Shapiro

Track: Y-Y-Y-Yup
Composer(s): Bagdasarian

Track: Candelabra Boogie
Composer(s): Thompson/Alch

Track: Puppydog Dream
Composer(s): Foster

Track: Never Smile at a Crocodile
Composer(s): Churchill/Lawrence

Track: Following the Leader
Composer(s): Wallace/Hibler/Sears

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