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CD Library Search results for: Voices of Romance from the 1930's

Genre: Oldies
Tracks (40)
Track: One hour with you from One hour with you
Composer(s): Robin/Whiting

Track: When you're in love from Wake Up and Dream
Composer(s): Columbo/Grossman/Stern

Track: Out of Nowhere
Composer(s): Green/Heyman

Track: Midnight in Paris from Here's To Romance
Composer(s): Conrad/Magidson

Track: That's My Desire
Composer(s): Loveday/Kresa

Track: Love letters in the sand
Composer(s): Coots/Kenny

Track: Sweet and lovely
Composer(s): Arnheim/Tobias/Lemare

Track: Blue Moon
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: As Time Goes By
Composer(s): Herman/Hupfeld

Track: Day you came along from Too Much Harmony
Composer(s): Johnston/Coslow

Track: Lovely to look at from Roberta
Composer(s): Fields/McHugh/Kern

Track: There's Danger in your eyes Cherie from Puttin' On The Ritz
Composer(s): Richman/Meskill/Wendling

Track: I'll see you again from Bitter Sweet
Composer(s): Coward, Noel

Track: I wished on the moon from Big Broadcast of 1936
Composer(s): Parker/Rainger

Track: Isn't it Romantic from Love Me Tonight
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: Cuban Love Song from Cuban Love Song
Composer(s): Stothart/Fields/McHugh

Track: P. S. I Love you
Composer(s): Mercer/Jenkins

Track: I Just couldn't take it, baby from Blackbirds of 1934
Composer(s): Nichols/Holiner

Track: Love Me Tonight
Composer(s): Young/Washington/Crosby

Track: Glory of Love
Composer(s): Hill, Billy

Track: My Romance from Jumbo
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: I Only Have Eyes for you from Dames
Composer(s): Dubin/Warren

Track: Moonglow
Composer(s): Hudson/De Lange/Mills

Track: It's Love I'm After from Pigskin Parade
Composer(s): Pollack/Mitchell

Track: It's Easy to remember from Mississippi
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: When I grow too old to dream from Night Is Young
Composer(s): Hammerstein/Romberg

Track: Dinner at Eight from Dinner at Eight
Composer(s): Fields/McHugh

Track: Love Walked In from Goldwyn Follies
Composer(s): Gershwin/Gershwin

Track: What About Me
Composer(s): Dietz/Schwartz

Track: With Every Breath I Take from Here Is My Heart
Composer(s): Robin/Rainger

Track: I've got my love to keep me warm from On The Avenue
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Once in A while
Composer(s): Edwards/Green

Track: I'm in the mood for love from Every Night At Eight
Composer(s): Fields/McHugh

Track: First Love
Composer(s): DuBynne/Lehar

Track: Where am I (Am I in Heaven)? from Stars Over Broadway
Composer(s): Dubin/Warren

Track: Touch of your lips
Composer(s): Noble, Ray

Track: Dancing In the dark from Band Wagon
Composer(s): Schwartz/Dietz

Track: I'm falling in Love with Someone from Naughty Marietta
Composer(s): Young/Herbert

Track: You're A Sweetheart from You're A Sweetheart
Composer(s): Adamson/McHugh

Track: In the Middle of A Kiss from College Scandal
Composer(s): Coslow, Sam

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