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CD Library Search results for: South of the Border: Great Latin Hits

Genre: World Music
Tracks (75)
Track: Brazil
Composer(s): Barrosa/Russell

Track: Frenesi
Composer(s): Dominguez

Track: Mama Yo quiero
Composer(s): Jaraca/Paiva

Track: Breeze and I
Composer(s): Lecuona/Stillman

Track: Rhumba Rhapsody
Composer(s): De-Bru/Audinot

Track: Manana
Composer(s): Barbour/Lee

Track: Rum and Coca Cola
Composer(s): Baron/Sullivan/Amsterdam

Track: Moon was yellow
Composer(s): Ahlert/Leslie

Track: Wedding Samba
Composer(s): Small/Elstein

Track: Montevideo
Composer(s): McRay/Sour/Gold

Track: Tico Tico
Composer(s): Abreu/Oliveira

Track: Besame Mucho
Composer(s): Velasquez/Consuel

Track: Jamaican Rhumba
Composer(s): Raye/De Paul

Track: Chiu, Chiu
Composer(s): Molinare/Francisco

Track: La Cumparasita
Composer(s): Rodriguez

Track: Babalu
Composer(s): Lecuona

Track: Managua Nicaragua
Composer(s): Fields/Gamse

Track: Esy
Composer(s): Puente

Track: Granada
Composer(s): Lara/Dodd

Track: Pa 'la Paloma
Composer(s): Puente

Track: Adios
Composer(s): Madriguera/Woods/Connelly

Track: Cielito Lindo (Ay Ay Ay)
Composer(s): Wilson/Fernandez/Yradier

Track: A Rainy Night in Rio
Composer(s): Schwartz/Robin

Track: Manteca
Composer(s): Gillespie/Gonzales

Track: I Came, I Saw, I conga'd
Composer(s): Cavanaugh/Weldon/Redmond

Track: Cherry Pink and apple blossom white
Composer(s): Louiguy/David

Track: Amor
Composer(s): Ruiz/Lopez/Skylar

Track: Cuanto La Gusta
Composer(s): Ruiz/Gilbert:

Track: Jealousie
Composer(s): Gade/Fiedler

Track: Tu Felicidad
Composer(s): Touzet

Track: El Cumbanchero
Composer(s): Hernandez

Track: Green Eyes
Composer(s): Wolfe/Adolfo/Perez/Menendez

Track: Begin the Beguine
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

Track: Amapola
Composer(s): Lacelle/Gamse

Track: Tampico
Composer(s): Roberts/Fisher

Track: South of the Border
Composer(s): Carr/Kennedy

Track: Cuban Love Song
Composer(s): McHugh/Stothart/Fields

Track: Flying down to Rio
Composer(s): Youmans/Eliscu/Kahn

Track: Jungle Drums
Composer(s): Lecuona

Track: Cuban Pete
Composer(s): Henderson

Track: Sidewalks of Cuba
Composer(s): Oakland/Parish/Mills

Track: Alla en Rancho Grande
Composer(s): Ramos

Track: Maria Elena
Composer(s): Barcelata/Russell

Track: I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I like you very much)
Composer(s): Warren/Gordon

Track: Perfidia
Composer(s): Dominguez/Leeds

Track: South America, Take it away
Composer(s): Rome

Track: Para Vigo me voy (Say si si)
Composer(s): Lecuona

Track: Guadalajara
Composer(s): Guizar

Track: Coffee Song
Composer(s): Miles/Hilliard

Track: Aurora
Composer(s): Lago/Roberti

Track: Peanut Vendor
Composer(s): Simons/Wolf/Sunshine

Track: Siboney
Composer(s): Lecuona

Track: Taboo
Composer(s): Lecuona/Orefiche

Track: Chica Chica Boom
Composer(s): Warren/Gordon

Track: Que Rico El Mambo!
Composer(s): Prado

Track: Down Argentine Way
Composer(s): Gordon/Warren

Track: Cuban Mambo
Composer(s): Cugat/Angulo/Wiseman

Track: El Choclo
Composer(s): Villoldo

Track: Mambo No. 5
Composer(s): Prado

Track: You belong to my heart
Composer(s): Lara/Gilbert

Track: Walter Winchell Rhumba
Composer(s): Morales/Camache/Sigman

Track: Carioca
Composer(s): Youmans/Kahn/Eliscu

Track: Serenade in the night
Composer(s): Bixie/Cherubini/Kennedy

Track: Is it Taboo?
Composer(s): Debru/Leslie

Track: Rumbambola
Composer(s): Jose

Track: South American Way
Composer(s): McHugh/Dubin

Track: Caramba! It's the Samba
Composer(s): Taylor

Track: Chango Ta Veni
Composer(s): Barreto

Track: Cachita
Composer(s): Hernandez/Sancristobal

Track: Without You
Composer(s): Farres/Gilbert

Track: Lady in Red
Composer(s): Dixon/Wrubel

Track: Quiereme Mucho (Yours)
Composer(s): Reig/Rodriguez

Track: Marinella
Composer(s): Scotto/Baptiste/Pujol/Audiffred/Baptist

Track: Orchids in the moonlight
Composer(s): Youmans/Kahn/Eliscu

Track: La Cumparsita
Composer(s): Rodriguez

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