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CD Library Search results for: You Must Believe In Spring

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (10)
Track: B Minor Waltz (for Ellaine)
Composer(s): Evans, Bill

Track: You Must Believe In Spring
Composer(s): Legrand, Michel

Track: Gary's Theme
Composer(s): McFarland, Gary

Track: We Will Meet Again (for Harry)
Composer(s): Evans, Bill

Track: Peacocks
Composer(s): Rowles, Jimmy

Track: Sometime Ago
Composer(s): Mihanovich, Sergio

Track: Theme from MASH (aka Suicide Is Painless)
Composer(s): Mandel, Johnny

Track: Without A Song
Composer(s): Eliscu/Rose/Youmans

Track: Freddie Freeloader
Composer(s): Davis, Miles

Track: All Of You
Composer(s): Porter, Cole

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