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CD Library Search results for: What A Wonderful World

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (11)
Track: What A Wonderful World
Composer(s): Weiss/Douglass

Track: Cabaret
Composer(s): Kander/Ebb

Track: Home Fire
Composer(s): Weiss/Douglass

Track: Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Composer(s): Schwant/Andre/Kahn

Track: Give Me Your Kisses
Composer(s): Whitcup/Thiele

Track: Sunshine Of Love
Composer(s): Whitcup/Gierich/Douglas

Track: Hello Brother
Composer(s): Weiss/Thiele:

Track: There Must Be A Way
Composer(s): Gallop/Saxon

Track: Fantastic, That's You
Composer(s): Cates/Thiele/Green

Track: I Guess I'll Take The Papers And Go Home
Composer(s): Price/Rogers/Kanner

Track: Hellzapoppin'
Composer(s): Grudeff/Jessel

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