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CD Library Search results for: Big Band Jazz: From the beginnings to the Fifties, Vol. 1

Genre: Big Band
Tracks (21)
Track: Changes
Composer(s): Donaldson/Challis

Track: Lonely Melody
Composer(s): Dyson/Coslow/Meroff

Track: Copenhagen
Composer(s): Davis/Melrose

Track: Henderson Stomp
Composer(s): Henderson/Redman

Track: Hop Off
Composer(s): Williams/Redman

Track: New King Porter Stomp
Composer(s): Morton/Henderson

Track: Down South Camp Meetin'
Composer(s): Henderson/Mills

Track: Put It There
Composer(s): Rhodes/Nesbitt

Track: Stop Kidding
Composer(s): Nesbitt, John

Track: Ol' Man River
Composer(s): Kern/Hammerstein

Track: Starvation Blues
Composer(s): Stone, Jesse

Track: Market Street Stomp
Composer(s): Dickerson, R. Q.

Track: Casa Loma Stomp
Composer(s): Gifford, Gene

Track: Toby
Composer(s): Barefield/Moten

Track: Moten Swing
Composer(s): Moten/Moten

Track: Madhouse
Composer(s): Mundy/Hines

Track: Fat Babes
Composer(s): Mundy, Jimmy

Track: Rock and Rye
Composer(s): Mundy, Jimmy

Track: Grand Terrace Shuffle
Composer(s): Hines, Earl

Track: Stompin at the Savoy
Composer(s): Sampson/Goodman/Webb/Razaf

Track: Don't Be that Way
Composer(s): Sampson/Goodman/Parish

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