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CD Library Search results for: Blues at Thirty-Five

Genre: Blues
Tracks (21)
Track: Cochise
Composer(s): Batiste, Alvin

Track: Azure Te
Composer(s): Davis/Wolf

Track: Lester Thinks Twice
Composer(s): Fraedrich, Craig

Track: Farewell (For My Father)
Composer(s): Henson, Joseph

Track: Hmmmm...
Composer(s): Henson, Joseph

Track: NOLA's Lament - NOLA's Return
Composer(s): Breedlove, Graham

Track: Freedome Jazz Dance
Composer(s): Harris, Eddie

Track: Black Sugar
Composer(s): Brough, Regan

Track: Skylark
Composer(s): Carmichael/Roberts

Track: What It's Called
Composer(s): Fraedrich, Craig

Track: Last of the Soul Brothers
Composer(s): Rittenhouse, Kenny

Track: Hindustan
Composer(s): Wallace/Weeks

Track: West Coast Blues
Composer(s): Montgomery, Wes

Track: Time to Leave
Composer(s): Fraedrich, Craig

Track: Waltz New
Composer(s): Hall/Roberts

Track: Up A Lazy River
Composer(s): Carmichael/Breedlove

Track: Mantis
Composer(s): Henson, Joseph

Track: Verificatin'
Composer(s): Fraedrich, Craig

Track: Blues a la carte
Composer(s): Roberts, Jim

Track: Birdlike
Composer(s): Hubbard/Fraedrich

Track: You Are My Sunshine
Composer(s): Davis/Breedlove

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