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CD Library Search results for: World Music in the Netherlands

Genre: World Music
Tracks (30)
Track: Saljuco Tune
Composer(s): Juliet, Edsel

Track: Katalina
Composer(s): Juliet/Calmes

Track: Hele Can
Composer(s): Catalpinar/Bannabila/Caramer

Track: Ven A Bailar
Composer(s): Krijn/Ploeger/Amasia

Track: Yela
Composer(s): Traditional African

Track: Compadre
Composer(s): Joia

Track: Boom Boom
Composer(s): Traditional Reggae (Caribe)

Track: Cerlele
Composer(s): Lagu-lagu rock

Track: Sanneh Mentering
Composer(s): Touray/Jobe

Track: Manteca
Composer(s): Gillespie/Poza/Fuller

Track: Amsterdam
Composer(s): Ligtenberg/Nielen

Track: Sude Sude
Composer(s): Traditional Azeri Folksong

Track: Kikesake
Composer(s): Dandare, Cedric

Track: Obi Oba
Composer(s): Djavan

Track: La Cigarra
Composer(s): Perez y soto, R.

Track: Recuerdo
Composer(s): Pugliese/Castillo

Track: Jovenes Del Ritmo
Composer(s): Lopez, I.

Track: Jutas Sanguita
Composer(s): Fillmore/Grant

Track: Dynamo Horo
Composer(s): Traditional Balkan/Orient Express

Track: Nosotros
Composer(s): Traditional Bulerias/Morel/Westra

Track: La Monada
Composer(s): Toker, G.

Track: Glatter Bulgar
Composer(s): Traditional

Track: Hechtenis
Composer(s): Wechm/Ansari

Track: Weti Tong
Composer(s): Doti, Opo

Track: Sehnaz Longa
Composer(s): Traditional Turkish

Track: Tar Tak Baroed
Composer(s): Traditional Moroccan

Track: Salia
Composer(s): Traditional Guinea Rhythms

Track: Aleke
Composer(s): Traditional Surinamese Forest Creole Rhythms

Track: Lagu Petegak Batel
Composer(s): Traditional Balinese Wayang Gamelan

Track: Kebo Giro
Composer(s): Traditional Surinam Javanese Gamelan

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