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CD Library Search results for: Central Avenue Sounds: Jazz in Los Angeles (1921-1956)

Genre: Blues
Tracks (24)
Track: Ory's Creole Trombone
Composer(s): Ory, Kid

Track: Creole Song
Composer(s): Ory, Kid

Track: Get Out of Here
Composer(s): Ory/Scott

Track: Blues for Jimmie Noone
Composer(s): Ory, Kid

Track: Someday, Sweetheart
Composer(s): Spikes/Spikes

Track: Pearls
Composer(s): Morton, Jelly Roll

Track: Kansas City Stomp
Composer(s): Morton, Jelly Roll

Track: Mamanita
Composer(s): Morton, Jelly Roll

Track: Harlem
Composer(s): Lawrence

Track: California Swing
Composer(s): Thompson

Track: If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
Composer(s): Creamer/Johnson

Track: Shine
Composer(s): Dabney/Mack

Track: When It's Sleepy Time Down South
Composer(s): Rene/Muse

Track: Dixie Rhythm
Composer(s): Hill/Ellington/Carney/Mills

Track: Body and Soul
Composer(s): Green/Heyman/sour/Eyton

Track: Tiger Rag
Composer(s): de Costa/La Rocca

Track: Central Avenue Breakdown
Composer(s): Hampton, Lionel

Track: T-Bone Blues
Composer(s): Hite, Les

Track: Jump for Joy
Composer(s): Ellington, Duke

Track: Blues on Central Avenue
Composer(s): Turner, Joe

Track: Benny's Bugle
Composer(s): Goodman/Basie

Track: Flying Home
Composer(s): Goodman/Hampton

Track: Mean Old World
Composer(s): Walker

Track: Jumpin' in the Groove
Composer(s): Unknown

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