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CD Library Search results for: Four of A Kind - Music for Trombone Quartet

Genre: Classical
Tracks (12)
Track: Creation - Achieved is the Glorious Work
Composer(s): Haydn/Ensemble Publications

Track: Fugue in D minor
Composer(s): Bach/Myers

Track: Drei Equali
Composer(s): Beethoven, Ludwig van

Track: Suite for Four Trombones
Composer(s): Serocki, Kazimierz

Track: Otello - Ave Maria
Composer(s): Verdi/Hartman

Track: A la Bataglia
Composer(s): Isaac, Heinrich

Track: Canzona
Composer(s): Scheidt/Posaunenquartett

Track: Trois Chansons
Composer(s): Debussy/Levin

Track: Die nachtigall
Composer(s): Mendelssohn/Levin

Track: Langsamer Satz
Composer(s): Webern/Hetzler

Track: Suite for Four Trombones
Composer(s): Dondayne, Desire

Track: No More Blues
Composer(s): Jobim/Scharnberg

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