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CD Library Search results for: Hidden Treasures of A Living Tradition

Genre: Classical
Tracks (18)
Track: Eicha
Composer(s): Traditional Chant

Track: Ozi V'Zimrat Yah
Composer(s): Yemenite Chant

Track: Respondemos
Composer(s): Amsterdam Traditional

Track: Shir Hashirm
Composer(s): Traditional Chant

Track: Mi Al Har Chorev
Composer(s): Hagar/Mizrahi/Lazar

Track: Psalm 114
Composer(s): Jacobson/Lazar

Track: Ashamnu
Composer(s): Piattelli/Lazar/Mizrahi

Track: Sh'ma Yisrael
Composer(s): Piattelli/Lazar/Mizrahi

Track: Bendicho su Nombre
Composer(s): Traditional/Hemsi

Track: Psalm 25
Composer(s): Rosenblatt/Goldstein

Track: Psalm 133
Composer(s): Traditional Syrian

Track: Psalm 146-Halleluyah
Composer(s): Rossi

Track: Yismechu
Composer(s): Zilberts

Track: Vay'hi Binso'a
Composer(s): Sulzer

Track: Ki Mitziyon
Composer(s): Sulzer

Track: Vayimalet kayin
Composer(s): Braun

Track: Ani ma'amin
Composer(s): Hassidim, Wishnitz

Track: Ki lo no'e
Composer(s): Oysher/Ellstein/Lazar/Mizrahi

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