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CD Library Search results for: Passion and Dedication: The Spirit of Adventure

Genre: Wind
Tracks (13)
Track: Esprit de Corps
Composer(s): Jager, Robert

Track: Light Cavalry
Composer(s): Suppe/Fillmore

Track: Olympic Fanfare
Composer(s): Williams, John

Track: Eternal Father, Strong to Save
Composer(s): Smith, Claude

Track: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Composer(s): Doyle, Patrick

Track: Phantom of the Opera
Composer(s): Webber/Hart/Stilgoe

Track: La Bamba
Composer(s): Valens, Ritchie

Track: Only Wanna be with You
Composer(s): Lewis/White/Harris

Track: Harder to Breathe
Composer(s): Levine/Carmichael/Dusick/Valentine/Madden

Track: Soul Man
Composer(s): Porter/Hayes

Track: Smooth
Composer(s): Shur/Thomas

Track: Jungle Boogie
Composer(s): Bell/Thomas

Track: Far From Home
Composer(s): Giroux, Julie

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