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CD Library Search results for: Legacy

Genre: Wind
Tracks (9)
Track: Golden Festival Overture
Composer(s): Barnes, James

Track: Variations on an American Cavalry Song
Composer(s): Grantham, Donald

Track: American Overture for Band
Composer(s): Jenkins, Joseph

Track: Aria and Allegro
Composer(s): Pascuzzi, Gregory

Track: Epilogue: Lest We Forget
Composer(s): Jager, Robert

Track: Sunrise at Angel's Gate
Composer(s): Sparke, Philip

Track: Dance of the Southern Lights
Composer(s): Richards, Eric

Track: March, Op. 99
Composer(s): Prokofiev, Sergei

Track: Symphony No. 5 - Finale
Composer(s): Shostakovich/Rogers

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