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CD Library Search results for: Organ Fireworks XI

Genre: Classical
Tracks (14)
Track: Preamble (for a Solemn Occasion)
Composer(s): Copland, Aaron

Track: Marche Moderne, Op. 2
Composer(s): Lemare, Edwin

Track: Glagolitic Mass - Organ Solo
Composer(s): Janacek, Leos

Track: Battle Hymn of the Republic from American Folk-Hymn Settings, Op. 231
Composer(s): Langlais, Jean

Track: Go tell it on the mountain
Composer(s): Behnke, John

Track: Festive Trumpet Tune
Composer(s): German, David

Track: Danke-Swingfüglein
Composer(s): Nagel, Matthias

Track: Grand choer dialogué
Composer(s): Gigout, Eugene

Track: Sonata No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 80 - Choral et Fugue
Composer(s): Guilmant, Alexandre

Track: Våg å leve - Festmusik
Composer(s): Takle, Mons

Track: Marche américaine, Op. 31
Composer(s): Widor/Dupre

Track: Fiesta! - Fast Dance
Composer(s): Farrington, Iain

Track: Blues Chorale: 'Die ganze Welt hast du uns überlassen'
Composer(s): Kiefer, Hans-Martin

Track: Sonata eroïca, Op. 94
Composer(s): Jongen, Joseph

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