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CD Library Search results for: Elizabethan & Jacobena Music

Genre: Classical
Tracks (12)
Track: Can She Forgive My Wrongs?
Composer(s): Dowland, John

Track: Air for three viols
Composer(s): Morley, Thomas

Track: Of All the Bird that I Do Know
Composer(s): Bartlett, John

Track: Alman for Harpsichord
Composer(s): Johnson, Robert

Track: If My Complaints Could Passions Move
Composer(s): Dowland, John

Track: Pavan for four viols
Composer(s): Jenkins, John

Track: I Care Not For These Ladies
Composer(s): Campion, Thomas

Track: My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe
Composer(s): Dowland, John

Track: Pandolpho
Composer(s): Parsons, Robert

Track: Fantasia in C Major for four viols
Composer(s): Jenkins, John

Track: From Silent Night
Composer(s): Dowland, John

Track: Variations for Harpsichord on Up Tails All
Composer(s): Farnaby, Giles

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