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CD Library Search results for: Valse Musette de Paris

Genre: Other
Tracks (12)
Track: Wenn Mademoiselle dich kuBt
Composer(s): Giraud, H.

Track: Sauvageonne
Composer(s): Colombo, J.

Track: Indiferente
Composer(s): Colombo/Murena

Track: Valse violette
Composer(s): Schlunck, T.

Track: Le val joli
Composer(s): Ugarte, Enrique

Track: Retour des cirendelles
Composer(s): Pagano/Trognee

Track: Die Prinzessin des Akkordeons
Composer(s): Dufas, R.

Track: Corinne
Composer(s): Camilleri, Charles

Track: Germaine
Composer(s): Colombo, J.

Track: Petite Musette
Composer(s): Gurbindo-Ruiz, J. F.

Track: Volo degli angeli (Flight of the Angels)
Composer(s): Carozza, C.

Track: Reve d'accordeonist
Composer(s): Dufas/Puig

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