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CD Library Search results for: Organ Dreams

Genre: Classical
Tracks (30)
Track: March of the Templars, Op. 56
Composer(s): Benedict/Best

Track: Solemn Melody
Composer(s): Davies/West

Track: Jerusalem the Golden
Composer(s): Spark, William

Track: Offertoire in G Major
Composer(s): Batiste, Antoine

Track: Prelude No. 1 from Three Recital Pieces
Composer(s): Webber, William

Track: Theme et Variations from Hommage a Frescobaldi, Op. 70
Composer(s): Langlais, Jean

Track: Choral No. 1
Composer(s): Franck, Cesar

Track: Dreams of Derry
Composer(s): Spicer, Paul

Track: Adagio in F Major, WoO 33, No. 1
Composer(s): Beethoven, Ludwig van

Track: Elegy
Composer(s): Thalben-Ball, George

Track: Angel's Farewell from The Dream of Gerontius
Composer(s): Elgar/Brewer

Track: Priere in E Major, Op. 64, No. 11
Composer(s): Alkan, Charles-Valentin

Track: In paradisum from Douze Pieces Nouvelles
Composer(s): Dubois, Theodore

Track: Adagio in E Major from Three Pieces, H. 63
Composer(s): Bridge, Frank

Track: Reve from Organ Sonata No. 7 in F Major, Op. 89
Composer(s): Guilmant, Alexandre

Track: Vesper Voluntaries, Op. 14
Composer(s): Elgar, Edward

Track: Siciliano for High Ceremony
Composer(s): Howells, Herbert

Track: Study in Ab Major, Op. 56, No. 4
Composer(s): Schumann, Robert

Track: Adagio for Strings
Composer(s): Barber/Strickland

Track: Evocation a la Chapelle Sixtine
Composer(s): Liszt, Franz

Track: Four Pieces from Twelve Short Pieces and a Full Voluntary
Composer(s): Wesley, Samuel

Track: Andantino in Db Major, Op. 83, No. 2
Composer(s): Lemare, Edwin

Track: In a Monastery Garden
Composer(s): Ketelbey/Ware

Track: Dance to your Daddy
Composer(s): Eftestol, Sverre

Track: Gammal fabodpsalm fran Darlarna
Composer(s): Lindberg, Oskar

Track: 29 Little Preludes, Op. 51
Composer(s): Nielsen, Carl

Track: Marche de Procession sur deux chants d'eglise, Op. 44, No. 3
Composer(s): Guilmant, Alexandre

Track: Rhapsody in Db Major, Op. 17, No. 1
Composer(s): Howells, Herbert

Track: Folk Tune from Five Short Pieces
Composer(s): Whitlock, Percy

Track: Eleven Chorale Preludes, Op. 22
Composer(s): Brahms, Johannes

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