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CD Library Search results for: Dragon Songs

Genre: Classical
Tracks (11)
Track: Yellow River Piano Concerto
Composer(s): Xinghai, Xian

Track: Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake
Composer(s): Wencheng/Peixun

Track: Cowherd's Flute
Composer(s): Luting, He

Track: Dialogue in Song
Composer(s): Traditional/Anlun

Track: Dance of Spring
Composer(s): Yiqiang, Sun

Track: Straw Hat Dance from The Mermaid Suite
Composer(s): Mingxin/Zuqiang

Track: Spring Wind
Composer(s): Yuxian/Tairan

Track: Happy Times
Composer(s): Jianer/Wanghua

Track: Spring Flowers in the Moonlit Night on the River
Composer(s): Traditional/Zuqiang

Track: Dance from Quici
Composer(s): Jiping, Zhao

Track: At Night on the Lake Beneath the Maple Bridge
Composer(s): Jianmin, Wang

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