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CD Library Search results for: Elman Plays Hebrew Melodies

Genre: Classical
Tracks (9)
Track: Dance Hebraique
Composer(s): Bonime, Josef

Track: Nigun, from Baal Shem
Composer(s): Bloch, Ernest

Track: Dance Of The Rebbitzen
Composer(s): Perlman, George

Track: Chassid
Composer(s): Chajes, Julius

Track: Raisins and Almands
Composer(s): Goldfaden, Abraham

Track: Hebrew Melody
Composer(s): Achron, Joseph

Track: Eili, Eili
Composer(s): Elman, Mischa (arranger)

Track: Yemenite Wedding
Composer(s): Lavry, Marc

Track: Kol Nidre, Op. 47
Composer(s): Bruch, Max

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