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CD Library Search results for: Thatsum Rag!: Toe-Tappers and Finger-Snappers from America's Golden Age

Genre: Pop
Tracks (21)
Track: Razzazza Mazzaza
Composer(s): Pryor, Arthur

Track: Bunch O' Blackberries
Composer(s): Holzmann, Abe

Track: A Kansas Two-Step
Composer(s): Pryor, Arthur

Track: Geo'ge Washin'ton's Birthday Party
Composer(s): Barnhouse, C. L.

Track: Fun-Tan
Composer(s): Anthony, Bert

Track: At A Georgia Campmeeting
Composer(s): Mills, Kerry

Track: Sarazan
Composer(s): Gardner, John

Track: Creole Bells
Composer(s): Lampe, J. Bodewalt

Track: Watermelon Club
Composer(s): Lampe, J. Bodewalt

Track: Warm Doughnuts
Composer(s): Losey, F. H.

Track: Good Gravy Rag
Composer(s): Belding, Harry

Track: An African Smile
Composer(s): Eno, Paul

Track: Cubanola Glide
Composer(s): Tilzer, Harry von

Track: Artful Artie
Composer(s): Pryor, Arthur

Track: Smiler
Composer(s): Wenrich, Percy

Track: Sweetmeats
Composer(s): Wenrich, Percy

Track: Kentucky Sunrise
Composer(s): King, Karl

Track: Walking Frog
Composer(s): King, Karl

Track: Tired Rag
Composer(s): Blake, Charlotte

Track: Zampede
Composer(s): Fuhrer, Frank

Track: Thatsum Rag
Composer(s): Pinard, Al

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