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CD Library Search results for: Man with the Golden Flute

Genre: Classical
Tracks (11)
Track: Hora Staccato
Composer(s): Dinicu, Grigoras

Track: Serenade from Les Millions d'Arlequin
Composer(s): Drigo, Riccardo

Track: Moto perpetuo, Op. 11
Composer(s): Paganini, Niccolo

Track: Minuet & Badinerie from Suite No. 2
Composer(s): Bach, Johann Sebastian

Track: Haro no umi
Composer(s): Miyagi, Michio

Track: Waltz from Suite of Three Pieces, Op. 116
Composer(s): Godard, Benjamin

Track: Flight of the bumblebee from Tsar Saltan
Composer(s): Rimsky-Korsakov/Gerhardt

Track: Adagio & Variation from Ascanio
Composer(s): Saint-Saens, Camille

Track: Waltz in Db Major, Op. 64, No. 1
Composer(s): Chopin/Gerhardt

Track: Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Orfeo ed Euridice
Composer(s): Gluck, Christoph

Track: Fantaisie pastorale hongroise, Op. 26
Composer(s): Doppler, Albert

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