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CD Library Search results for: Transfigured Mozart

Genre: Classical
Tracks (8)
Track: Fantasina on a theme of Figaro, Op. 124
Composer(s): Hummel, Johann

Track: Variations on a theme of Mozart for piano or harp
Composer(s): Glinka, Mikhail

Track: Lacrimosa tire du Requiem de Mozart, Op. 70
Composer(s): Thalberg, Sigismund

Track: Andante du 8 Quatuor
Composer(s): Alkan, Charles-Henri Valentin

Track: Souvenirs de Don Giovanni, Op. 45
Composer(s): Raff, Joachim

Track: Romance from Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Composer(s): Friedman, Ignaz

Track: Menuetto from Divertimento for String Quartet and two horns
Composer(s): Friedman, Ignaz

Track: Variations and Fugue on a Theme of W. A. Mozart for Orchestra, Op. 132
Composer(s): Reger, Max

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