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CD Library Search results for: Explosive Side of Sarah Vaughan/Lonely Hours

Genre: Jazz
Tracks (24)
Track: I Believe In You
Composer(s): Loesser, Frank

Track: Honeysuckle Rose
Composer(s): Waller/Razaf

Track: Moonlight On The Ganges
Composer(s): Wallace/Meyers

Track: Lady's In Love With You
Composer(s): Lane/Loesser

Track: After You've Gone
Composer(s): Creamer/Layton

Track: A Garden In The Rain
Composer(s): Gibbons/Dyrenfarth

Track: I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Composer(s): Fields/McHugh

Track: Trolly Song
Composer(s): Martin/Blane

Track: I'm Gonna Live Until I Die
Composer(s): Kent/Curtis/Hoffman

Track: Falling In Love With Love
Composer(s): Rodgers/Hart

Track: Great Day
Composer(s): Youmans/Eliscu

Track: Nobody Else But Me
Composer(s): Hammerstein/Kern

Track: Lonely Hours
Composer(s): Glaser/Solomon

Track: I'll Never Be The Same
Composer(s): Kahn/Malneck/Signorelli

Track: If I Had You
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Friendless
Composer(s): Vandervoot/Carter

Track: You're Driving Me Crazy
Composer(s): Walter/Donaldson

Track: Always On My Mind
Composer(s): Green/Newell

Track: Look For Me, I'll Be Around
Composer(s): Wood/Dee

Track: What'll I Do
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Solitude
Composer(s): DeLange/Mills/Ellington

Track: These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You
Composer(s): Marvell/Strachey

Track: Man I Love
Composer(s): Gershwin, George and Ira

Track: So Long My Love
Composer(s): Cahn/Spence

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