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CD Library Search results for: Songs We Forgot to Remember

Genre: Pop
Tracks (25)
Track: Hear You Calling Me
Composer(s): Marshall/Harford

Track: If I Could Tell You
Composer(s): Firestone/Marshall

Track: Trees
Composer(s): Rasbach/Kilmer

Track: Until
Composer(s): Sanderson/Teschemacher

Track: Passing By
Composer(s): Purcell/Herrick

Track: Green-Eyed Dragon
Composer(s): Charles/Newman

Track: Lost Chord
Composer(s): Sullivan/Proctor

Track: My Lovely Celia
Composer(s): Munro/Wilson

Track: Serenade (Rimpianto)
Composer(s): Toselli/Silvestri

Track: Calm as the Night
Composer(s): Bohm/Dole

Track: Do Not Go, My Love
Composer(s): Hageman/Tagore

Track: Bird Songs at Eventide
Composer(s): Coates/Barrie

Track: Love's Philosophy
Composer(s): Quilter/Shelley

Track: Love, Could I Only Tell Thee
Composer(s): Capel/Bingham

Track: Annabelle Lee
Composer(s): Leslie/Poe

Track: Little Boy Blue
Composer(s): Nevin/Field

Track: World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
Composer(s): Seitz/Lockhart

Track: I Love, And the World Is Mine
Composer(s): Johns/Coates

Track: Kashmiri Song
Composer(s): Woodforde-Finden/Hope

Track: Evening Song
Composer(s): Griffes/Lanier

Track: Cloths of Heaven
Composer(s): Dunhill/Yeats

Track: Perfect Day
Composer(s): Jacobs-Bond, Carrie

Track: I Love Life
Composer(s): Mana-Zucca/Cassel

Track: Homing
Composer(s): Riego/Salmon

Track: When I Have Sung My Songs
Composer(s): Charles, Ernest

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