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CD Library Search results for: British Light Music

Genre: Classical
Tracks (18)
Track: Vanity Fair
Composer(s): Collins, Anthony

Track: Polka Dots
Composer(s): Lubbock, Mark

Track: Dusk
Composer(s): Gibbs, Armstrong

Track: Carriage and Pair
Composer(s): Frankel, Benjamin

Track: Coronation Scot
Composer(s): Ellis, Vivian

Track: Jamaican Song
Composer(s): Benjamin, Arthur

Track: Jamaican Rumba
Composer(s): Benjamin, Arthur

Track: Tabarinage
Composer(s): Docker, Robert

Track: Beau Brummel
Composer(s): Elgar, Edward

Track: Siciliano
Composer(s): Dexter, Harry

Track: Scrub, brothers scrub!
Composer(s): Warner, Ken

Track: Cradle Song
Composer(s): Jacob, Gordon

Track: Gavotte (Georgian Suite)
Composer(s): Arne, Thomas Augustine/Tomlinson, Ernest

Track: Portuguese Party
Composer(s): Vinter, Gilbert

Track: Haunted Ballroom
Composer(s): Toye, Geoffrey

Track: Puffin' Billy
Composer(s): White, Edward

Track: Starlight Roof Waltz
Composer(s): Melachrino, George

Track: Beachcomber
Composer(s): Richardson, Clive

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