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CD Library Search results for: Songs from Sunny Italy

Genre: Vocals
Tracks (22)
Track: Torna a Surriento
Composer(s): deCurtis

Track: Non ti scordar di me
Composer(s): deCurtis

Track: Mamma mia, che vo sape?
Composer(s): Russo/Nutile

Track: Lolita
Composer(s): Buzzi/Peccia

Track: Dicitencello vuie!
Composer(s): Fusco/Falvo

Track: Torna, piccina!
Composer(s): Bixio

Track: O sole mio!
Composer(s): diCapua

Track: La danza - Tarantella Napoletana
Composer(s): Pepoli/Rossini

Track: I'm falling in love with someone from Naughty Marietta
Composer(s): Herbert/Young

Track: Ah! Sweet mystery of life from Naughty Marietta
Composer(s): Herbert/Young

Track: Yours is my heart
Composer(s): Lehar/Smith

Track: Sylvia
Composer(s): Speaks/Scollard

Track: Trees
Composer(s): Rasbach/Kilmer

Track: Always
Composer(s): Berlin, Irving

Track: Jonah and the whale
Composer(s): Traditional/MacGimsey

Track: Down to de rivah
Composer(s): Traditional/MacGimsey

Track: A Dream
Composer(s): Bartlett/Cory

Track: For you alone
Composer(s): Geehl/O'Reilly

Track: I love you truly
Composer(s): Bond

Track: A little love, A little kiss
Composer(s): Silesu/Ross

Track: Kashmiri Song
Composer(s): Woodforde-Finden/Hope

Track: I love thee
Composer(s): Grieg/Chapman

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