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CD Library Search results for: Early Gurus of Electronic Music

Genre: Contemporary
Tracks (42)
Track: Valse Sentimentale
Composer(s): Tchaikovsky/Rockmore

Track: Oraison
Composer(s): Messiaen, Olivier

Track: Etude Aux Chemins De Fer
Composer(s): Schaeffer, Pierre

Track: Williams Mix
Composer(s): Cage, John

Track: Klangstudie II
Composer(s): Eimert/Beyer

Track: Low Speed
Composer(s): Luening, Otto

Track: Dripsody
Composer(s): LeCaine, Hugh

Track: Forbidden Planet: Main Title
Composer(s): Barron, Louis and Bebe

Track: Elektronische Tanzste: Concertando Rubato
Composer(s): Sala, Oskar

Track: Poem Electronique
Composer(s): Varese, Edgard

Track: Sine Music (A Swarm Of Butterflies Encountered Over The Ocean)
Composer(s): Maxfield, Richard

Track: Apocalypse-Part 2
Composer(s): Dockstader, Tod

Track: Kontakte
Composer(s): Stockhausen, Karlheinz

Track: Wireless Fant
Composer(s): Ussachevsky, Vladimir

Track: Philomel
Composer(s): Babbitt, Milton

Track: Spacecraft
Composer(s): MEV

Track: Cindy Electronium
Composer(s): Scott, Raymond

Track: Pendulum Music
Composer(s): Reich, Steve

Track: Bye Bye Butterfly
Composer(s): Oliveros, Pauline

Track: Projection Esemplastic For White Noise
Composer(s): Yuasa, Joji

Track: Silver Apples Of The Moon, Part 1
Composer(s): Subotnick, Morton

Track: Rainforest Version 1
Composer(s): Tudor, David

Track: Poppy Nogood
Composer(s): Riley, Terry

Track: Boat-Woman-Song
Composer(s): Czukay, Holger

Track: Music Promenade
Composer(s): Ferrari, Luc

Track: Vibrations Composees: Rosace 3
Composer(s): Bayle, Francois

Track: Mutations
Composer(s): Risset, Jean-Claude

Track: Hibiki-Hana-Ma
Composer(s): Xenakis, Iannis

Track: Map Of 49's Dream The Two Systems Of Eleven Sets Of Galactic Intervals: Drift Study '31/69 c....
Composer(s): Young, La Monte

Track: He Destroyed Her Image
Composer(s): Dodge, Charles

Track: Six Fants On A Poem By Thomas Campion: Her Song
Composer(s): Lansky, Paul

Track: Appalachian Grove
Composer(s): Spiegel, Laurie

Track: En Phase/Hors Phase
Composer(s): Parmegiani, Bernard

Track: On The Other Ocean
Composer(s): Behrman, David

Track: Stria
Composer(s): Chowing, John

Track: Living Sound, Patent Pending Music For Sound-Joined Rooms Series
Composer(s): Amacher, Maryanne

Track: Automatic Writing
Composer(s): Ahley, Robert

Track: Canti Illuminati
Composer(s): Curran, Alvin

Track: Music On A Long Thin Wire
Composer(s): Lucier, Alvin

Track: Melange
Composer(s): Schulze, Klaus

Track: Before And After Charm (La Notte)
Composer(s): Hassell, Jon

Track: Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills)
Composer(s): Eno, Brian

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